Grads Photography Studio

Superior service and quality products!

Largest Studio In Arizona

Grads Photography has the largest studio in Arizona. With over 8,100 square feet, it includes our studio with hundreds of different settings for poses and sessions, as well as our own in-house printing and finishing lab. We're able to provide the quickest and most thorough of services, without sending any film or photographs out to any third party vendors! We even print yearbooks in house!

In-house Photo Laboratory

Our local, in-house photo laboratory offers great advantages in delivery, customer service, and quality control. Using state-of-the-art digital processing equipment, our experienced laboratory staff can process prints in a timely manner, guaranteed. We also have the ability to produce fun paks, posters, photo puzzles, custom composites, and much more. We are a fully digital photography studio - the first in Arizona, as a matter of fact! We've been doing only digital photography for over 19 years now, and we use the technology to its fullest advantages.

Utilizing Digital Photography

Grads Photography began in 2000. Utilizing digital photography and an in-house lab, we have expanded into the elementary and high school picture market with tremendous growth due to superior service and quality products. We currently service over 125 schools.

We realize the importance of having a school photography company that you can rely on to provide the best quality portraits for the best price. We will match any competitor's price and still deliver high quality portraits faster and with strong customer service.