Student Portraits

Grads Photography partners with schools to provide
the industry's standard in quality portrait products and services!

With the addition of our own lab 15 years ago, Grads can print student portrait packages in 2 weeks instead of the standard 3-5 weeks. A Student portrait directory will be provided to the school and yearbook to assess any changes or mistakes. This allows the yearbook to make changes to their underclass section before the files are finalized. Additional directories are available at your request. Retake portraits will be returned within 2 weeks. This allows for more flexibility for the school to schedule picture day.

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Student Portraits

ID Cards

Grads can provide ID cards for all high school students during registration (walk-thru), or during picture day using multiple camera sets. Id card templates will be custom designed to meet the administrations approval. Additional designs for specific clubs and organizations are available upon request at no charge.

Software will be provided to the school for use with SASI or any other school student software capable of importing images.

Software for producing certificates with student's portraits, class seating charts, and other portrait services is provided at no charge.

Student Id Cards