Family Portraits

Grads Photography understands how importaint quality
and style is when it comes to your treasured family portraits!

Fine Family Portraits are usually amongst the most treasured of family heirlooms. Because of this, quality and style are of particular importance. Grads state-of-the-art digital platform photography has many superior features over standard film photography.

First, the ability to have multiple back-ups of all your family portraits is ideal for both the storage and distribution of your family's images.

Secondly, because Grads utilizes high quality digital photography, we can easily correct for things like retouching and glass glare. In addition, the ability to preview the shoot in real time, gives you assurance of capturing that "special shot" that will make your family portrait a cherished photo for yourself and future generations.

At Grads, you will find that we not only charge less than the competition, but our professional photographers will make the process of posing for a family photo an enjoyable one.

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Family Portraits